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Athena I
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The October Hill Software Athena I Suite
  • Automated Accounts Receivable
  • Customer Service
  • Order Entry
  • Dispatch
  • Operations
  • Internet PODs
  • Internet Orders
  • Internet Inventory
  • Internet Dispatching
  • Driver Settlement, and much more.

Comprehensive Employee Friendly Infinitely Expandable E.D.I. Enabled

The O.H.S. Athena I suite is a feature-rich, comprehensive package of expedited trucking software designed to help you run your trucking company from top to bottom. An extremely powerful multi-user/multi-tasking system, Athena I will support from one to, literally, hundreds of users simultaneously. Users of the system may be local to your operation, or located virtually anywhere in the world. Years of data may be kept on the system at all times enabling instant access to information regardless of its age.

Athena I includes complete billing and invoicing features with easy to use formatted data entry screens. Billing is completely integrated with order entry and dispatch, assuring minimal keystrokes and absolute certainty all orders for service are actually billed. An extremely comprehensive set of Accounts Receivable reports are created at the stroke of key, such as, summary aging reports (30,60,90, etc.); detailed aging reports; open item statements; cash receipt reports; sales percentage reports; A/R by salesman reports; revenue by driver reports; open item by customer, by days old, and many, many other formats.

Athena I Dispatch systems report actual shipment status for use by all staff members. Driver manifests and delivery receipts are created automatically as are driver logs and productivity reports. Dispatch logs may be created in a variety of manners, i.e., daily dispatch log, dispatch logs for a specified period, open order logs, dispatch logs for a specified customer, driver, etc. The powerful reporting capabilities of Athena I are truly endless. Information traditionally available only to dispatchers is suddenly available to any staff member in the company, such as customer service, accounting, management, anyone with a need for accurate, current information and shipment status.

Employee Friendly Systems
October Hill Software systems are truly employee friendly. Data entry screens are laid out in logical, easy to read format with help messages at every entry. Entry cursors 'pop' to every entry point fully automatically, leaving nothing to the imagination of data entry personnel. Because of the super-friendly screens, help messages, and automated movement between fields data entry training time is minimized to just a couple of hours. Invoice creation is accomplished with, literally, a key stroke. Data retrieval, such as freight bill or invoice lookup, may be accomplished in a variety of ways, such as by bill or invoice number, by customer reference number, po number, customer name, shipment date, delivery date, service description, or by virtually 'any' information available. In fact, Athena I's reporting capabilities are practically endless, and, second to none in the industry.

October Hill Software systems may be purchased in any size or configuration desired, then expanded as your growth and needs dictate. As an example, a system initially installed as a 3 or 4 user system can be expanded to accommodate hundreds of users later. The base system can be expanded to support 18 users with absolutely no additional hardware or network what-so-ever. The systems network capabilities allow as many network users as you desire. This ability assures you of an investment that will last many years and still allow you to grow and expand as the opportunities arise.

E.D.I. Capable
All October Hill Software systems are E.D.I. capable. O.H.S. E.D.I. systems are fully automated for instant EDI transmission via FTP, FTD, or Email with little or no personnel intervention.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions at all at (319) 859-5555, or, send us a request for information with by clicking here.
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